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Affiliate ManagerDigitalכללימנהל/ת תיקי לקוחותרמת גןשיווק ופרסוםתל אביב

Affiliate Manager

תאריך המשרה

Job Description:

  • Research and Recruit new affiliates, affiliate
    networks, publishers and partnerships.
  • Maximize campaigns profits by expending affiliates activities.
  • Monitor, analyze and optimize all campaigns to meet ROI goals
  • Test new partners and channels to find additional qualified sources of traffic
  • Develop and maintain existing relations with affiliates through email, Skype and phone calls.
  • Keep up with trends in the digital marketing space and monitor competitors’ activities
  • Building relationships, negotiation of deals and maximizing performance from existing affiliates.
  • Participating professional Conferences.
  • Liaise with internal and external departments to ensure resources for affiliates


Knowledge & Abilities:

  • At least 1 year experience in affiliation management
  • Must have an excellent or native English
  • Experience in Forex/binary/gaming industries an advantage

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