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Backend Team Leader

תאריך המשרה


Manage a team of up to 15 developers
Discover and develop new technologies
Lead architecture solutions design along with the VP of development
Hire and attain top talent engineers
Team members training, mentoring & on-boarding
Performing Code Reviews
Produce quality products that meet high quality, stability and performance standards
Work closely with research team in implementing new features
Tackle problems and find creative ways to solve them


Bachelor’s Degree in Science, Programming or Engineering related field / Elite unit alumni
2+ years of experience managing a team of developers (at least 5 developers)
2+ years of experience building highly-scalable Python applications
Prior experience in C++ (3+ Years)
Deep knowledge of Tornado, postgress, Redis, Caffe, OpenCV, Tensor Flow, kafka, Docker containers, gcc debugging
Have the ability to understand complex software systems
Prior experience in working on a Linux based env

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